Medellín, the city of Master Fernando Botero


The Master Fernando Botero is a worldwide art icon. Nowadays he is considered the most quoted Latin American alive artist in the world.

Medellín not only prides itself on being its city of origin, but also on being the only one on the planet that has a small square that bears its name and counts with 23 of its famous sculptures.


Botero was born in Medellín on April 19 of the year 1932 and made his first exhibit on the year 1948 in his native city. The Master is known for his particular style of iconographic and voluminous works of art which constitute one of the main manifestations of contemporary art at a global level. His original interpretation gives his paintings and sculptures a three-dimensional character, besides this, he develops an aesthetic that includes various topics such as love, nature, violence, sex, religion and politics. For this reason, the Master Fernando is nowadays one of the most important artists of the world.

Botero small square

Thanks to the art of Master Fernando Botero, many people in the entire planet met the benefits of Medellín as a city rich in different artistic and cultural expressions. In honor of Master Botero, the city built a small square in its center that bears his name and counts with 23 monumental sculptures donated by the artist.

The Plaza Botero is located in front of the Museum of Antioquia, which was also a donation of Master Fernando Botero and counts with a permanent exhibition of his paintings.

This square is one of the main tourist attractions of the city of Medellín for domestic and foreign visitors, thanks to the bronze sculptures, green areas and water fountains that decorate this beautiful public space, located in the heart of the “paisa” capital.

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