We celebrate the 50 years of Christmas lighting in Medellin


At the Hotel the chate we are proud to celebrate with the city of Medellin the 50 years of one of the most awarded lighting worldwide for its innovation, the attractiveness of its histories and the social impact in the generation of employment and the attraction of tourists in these five decades.

Half a century ago Christmas lighting was born in Medellin, as an initiative of public companies in Medellin to beautify the city in the end of the year season, at Christmas.

Initially the lighting was small, with special lamps and adorned with material contributions of some private and public companies. From the beginning the Avenida la Playa has been the centerpiece of the Christmas decorations. Even today, it is one of the tracks that is always illuminated with the Christmas decorations.

The lighting of the capital Paisa is the most recognized traditional of Colombia and Latin America. It is a gift from the city as it constitutes one of the biggest tourist attractions for the inhabitants and visitors in the holiday season.

In the last ten years, Medellín has presented its most representative lighting, only modified in the Christmas of 1992, when a prolonged drought produced a rationing throughout the country and took all the creativity of its officials to conceive a lighting Different and, in this way, not deprive the city of Christmas charm.

Nowadays, lighting is a symbol that identifies Medellín in the world. A significant group of people work for many months of the year so that thousands of visitors can enjoy a route full of magic and color that allows us to share our joy and the values that illuminate Christmas to the world.

The lighting will be on from December 2, 2017 until January 8, 2018 and the theme of this year will be “We are partying”, on the occasion of the 50 years of Christmas lighting celebrated by Medellín. In its decor, 37 million of light bulbs and about 50000 figures will be used. The route includes the traditional Avenida la Playa, the sector of Carabobo Norte, including the North Park, Carrera 70 and different parks of the 16 communes and the 5 townships of the city.

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